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Michigan MeTaL - where only the strong survive

100% Michigan MeTaL
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Michigan MeTaL has been made simply for the fans! Please, if you're a fan and a resident of Michigan


Here, you can post about anything that has to do with metal. If you wanna post your band's next show or purevolume link, go for it. Have an opinion about some bands new CD and want to express it? go ahead. Anything you have to say is more than likely welcome, and anyone can join! Although, this community is not for metal haters, if you are one of those, I highly recommend u don't join, you will be banned.

For the future members of this community, if u have some feedback on the community, don't be shy. Got some ideas for changes on look or added interests/info let me know and we will do what we can to make this community better and better as it gets older.

This community was made becuz I am (and many others are) absolutely SICK OF HARDCORE SCENE KIDS! There is definetly a distinct difference between metal and hardcore. These hardcore kids think they're god cuz they wear girls pants, go to dennys, and have bandanas hanging out their pockets. Pussies! MeTaLheads are the people who have balls. We are the brutality.

I, Rich, whom made this community would greatly appreciate it if you all checked out my band CirCuT on purevolume and let me know what you think. (I'm the lead singer)